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Thank you for using HIMS products and services.

Customer support is a vital part of the total HIMS customer experience. We want you to get the most from our products long after the initial sale and installation. We are dedicated to ensuring that every issue is resolved to your satisfaction. If you have any trouble using our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or our partners in the world.

Before you contact us or our partners, please check followings;


Please read the corresponding sections on
your user manual of the products and check
whether you used our products correctly.


Please refer to the FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions) for the
relevant products on our web site.


Please find a contact point for your local dealer
or reseller whom you purchased the product.
And please the check purchasing date, serial
number and be sure you can cleary describe your problem.


Please provide your local dealer or reseller as much
information as you can provide, such as buying
date, serial number, symptom, your name and
contact information including your telephone
number and/or cellular phone number by
phone call or e-mail.

If you can't find a dealer for your location, please fill out the contact form below