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Space-saving HD video magnifier that combines all the best features of a desktop video magnifier with transportability and connectivity unrivaled by other products. Take GoVision wherever you need it to magnify text, view photos, check ingredients on food packaging, do crafts and much more. Use Self View Mode for personal grooming or applying make-up before you leave the house. Take GoVision with you to use the Distance Mode with the 360° camera rotation to view a whiteboard in the classroom or a presentation at work.

OCR and Text-to-Speech

The GoVision offers OCR with text to speech, meaning you simply snap a picture of what you want to read and the GoVision will read it to you.

Packed with Features

The GoVision offers high-definition magnification, sharp contrast modes, distance and self-viewing modes, and so much more.

Easy to Use

The GoVision is easy and intuitive to use. Included is a remote that gives you ultimate control with large, high-contrast buttons. Even better, the GoVision will speak what item you are on.

Transportable Design

The GoVision is transportable from home to school or work easily. Simply rotate the camera arm and camera head so they are parallel to the screen then raise a single lever to lower the arm and camera head into position behind the monitor. This transportable design makes GoVision the perfect all-in-one magnifier for student, professionals and adults.