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In 2015, we changed our provider for the Sense Dictionary from Oxford to Collins.
For further information, please refer to our newsletter about the new dictionary at http://www.himsintl.com/?c=4/38&uid=1991

The Sense Dictionary is an add-on piece of software for the Sense notetakers.line

The “Sense Dictionary” enables you to look up the definitions of English words as well as access synonyms and antonyms of English words via the included Thesaurus. We also offer several bilingual dictionaries including Spanish, French, Arabic and Italian. Look up definitions and English translations of words in these languages or discover the Spanish, French, Arabic or Italian equivalent to a meaning you want to convey, but for which you know only the English word.


Use our Sense Dictionary to help you create precise compositions or learn a foreign language. Select among Spanish, French, Italian for your educational or professional needs. Its user friendly interface enables you to directly look up the word under your cursor as you read.

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Types of dictionaries

US English Dictionary: Webster’s New World College Dictionary
US English Thesaurus: Collins Thesaurus A-Z 3rd
UK English Dictionary: Collins Comprehensive English Dictionary
Spanish/English Dictionary: Collins Spanish Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged
Italian/English Dictionary: Collins Italian Dictionary
French/English Dictionary: Collins English French Electronic Dictionary
Arabic/English Dictionary: Al-Mughni Al-Akbar English-Arabic / A. Al-Mughni Al-Wasit Arabic-English

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