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Introducing an even sweeter CANDY5 HD Ⅱ



Notice: CANDY5 HD has been revised and reborn with a new name, CANDY5 HD Ⅱ.

CANDY5 HD has been redesigned as CANDY5 HD II. This new model has a new look with a redesigned lay-out, slightly curved edges and a rounded grip. It also features anti-glare coating and one more level of LCD brightness.

A Clearer and Vivid image qualityline

The CANDY’s HD camera and 5”wide screen display ensure a higher quality image at any magnification level.

Unique Definable Color Modesline

CANDY5 HD II comes with 5 default color modes. In addition users can create their own text and background color combinations to best meet their unique visual needs.

Auto Focusline

The CANDY5 HD Ⅱ will quickly and smoothly adjust focus as the user changes direction.

Semi Distance Viewline

Use the Semi Distance View to view and capture a street map or shop sign, or explore your your immediate surroundings.

Continuous digital Zoomline

Continuous zoom allows you to quickly and finely adjust your magnification level without the need for multiple button presses.

Anti-glare coating to reduce glareline

CANDY5 HD Ⅱ comes with anti-glare coating on the screen to reduce reflection from ceiling lighting or lamps. No more worrying about glare in brightly lit situations.

One more level of LCD brightnessline

CANDY5 HD Ⅱ has 4 levels of LCD brightness for those who need a brighter screen.

Capture and Save Modeline

Save Up to 5 images for later viewing.

Comfortable handgrip with Rounded edgesline

CANDY5 HD Ⅱ has slightly curved edges, making it look sleeker and feel less boxy in your hands. The gently-rounded grip is much more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

Free Convenient Reading Standline

A comfortable, portable Reading stand is now included in the basic package of CANDY5 HD.

Built-in Clockline

Check the time with this large, highly visible clock.

Model G500S Ⅱ Display 5.0” Wide TFT LCD
Anti-glare coating Applied Ergonomic handle 3 positions (Right/Left/Center)
Magnification Rate 1.0x ~22x held in hand, 2.5x ~ 10x on reading stand Semi distance view View posted signs or items on a shelf
Focus Mode Auto Focus / Single Focus Still image Two conveniently located Freeze buttons, one on the main body, and one on the handle
Image Saving Up to 5 images Brightness control 4 levels
Color modes 5 modes
(4 modes are user-definable from color pallet
and among them 3 can be enabled or disabled according to the user’s preference)
LED light Control On / Automatic / Off
Clock Large, highly visible clock Reading Stand Light weight reading stand included
Battery RechargeableLithium Polymer battery
3~5 hours continuous use
3.5 hours charging time
Size 154 x 89 x 17.5 mm
6.06 x 3.50 x 0.68″ (Except handle)
Weight 330g / 0.72Ibs
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