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New CANDY4 HD Ⅱ is 4.3 inch magnifier designed to provide truly crystal clear HD image and the most intuitive user interface with ergonomic handle and distinguishable buttons

Clear, sharp 4.3 inch HD imageline

Provides one of the clearest images on the market with a crystal clear HD display.

Center mounted cameraline

A centered camera ensures users intuitively understand the reading position.

User friendly Interfaceline

Clearly distinctive buttons directly correspond to the most common functions including Zoom In and Out, Color mode and Focus.

Customized Color mode and Brightness Control supportline

5 Color viewing modes and 3 levels of brightness control.

Auto Focus and Continuous Zoom magnificationline

Always in focus, choose a comfortable magnification level from 1.0x to 20x.

Semi-distance Viewline

See and capture a street map or shop sign, evaluate your surroundings on the spot.

Free Convenient Reading Standline

The complimentary reading stand provides hands-free comfort and convenience for reading longer documents.

Built-in Clockline

Check the time with this large, highly visible clock.

Model G430 Ⅱ Display 4.3” Wide TFT LCD
Anti-glare coating Nope Ergonomic handle 3 positions (Right/Left/Center)
Magnification Rate 1.0x ~20x held in hand, 2.0x ~ 8.0x on the reading stand Semi distance view View posted signs or items on a shelf
Focus Mode Auto Focus / Single Focus Still image Conveniently located Freeze button on the main body
Image Saving Up to 5 images Brightness control 3 levels
Color modes 5 modes
(4 modes are user-definable from color pallet
and among them 3 can be enabled or disabled according to the user’s preference)
LED light Control On / Automatic / Off
Clock Large, highly visible clock Reading Stand Light weight reading stand included
Battery RechargeableLithium Polymer battery
2~2.5 hours continuous use
2 hours charging time
Size 136 x 81 x 15 mm
5.3 x 3.1 x 0.6″ (Except handle)
Weight 256g / 0.56Ibs
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